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Ariel Re Provides Thanksgiving Day lunch at Transformational Living

Hamilton, Bermuda, November 24, 2022 – Staff from Ariel Re provided a Thanksgiving Day lunch
today for seven mothers and their children at Bermuda’s Transformational Living Centre (TLC) for Families.

Charity Committee members from Ariel Re helped deliver the traditional Thanksgiving turkey lunch
at the surprise event today.

The Transformational Living Centre opened its doors February 2022 and is a non-profit organization
that provides a nurturing and supportive home for mothers and their families experiencing housing
uncertainty. They aim to empower, transform, and support women to move beyond shortage and
provide safe and secure homes for these women and their children in Phase 1 for up to one year.

The TLC states that they are a first step in addressing the growing but largely hidden problem of
homelessness in Bermuda.

“The Transformational Living Centre does a fantastic job in providing help for many families who find
themselves without a home through no fault of their own,” said Veronica King, Vice-President,
Property Reinsurance at Ariel Re. “Thanksgiving Day is a time to reflect on our own good fortune,
and we felt honoured to be able to help the TLC Guest Families by sharing some good food and
cheer with them today.”

Ariel Re previously helped the TLC in late 2021 when it donated $4,000 towards the charity.

“We are honoured that Ariel Re has decided to gift our Guest Families with a delicious Thanksgiving
Day lunch,” said Edonna Bean of the TLC. “Everyone at the TLC really enjoyed being able to
participate in the holiday festivities. Having such generosity and genuine care and concern for our
Guest Families has helped to uplift and restore some hope in many of our mothers that have a
difficult time being able to fully embrace some of the different holidays such as Thanksgiving. We
would like to take this opportunity to thank Ariel Re for their kindness and support of the TLC.”

About Ariel Re:

Ariel Re offers a broad range of innovative insurance and reinsurance solutions and services through
our offices in Bermuda, London and Hong Kong, meeting the business needs of a diverse client base.
Ariel Re operates principally through Syndicate 1910 in London and also offers access to Lloyd’s
Europe via Syndicate 5336.

Originally founded in 2005, Ariel Re was acquired by Pelican Ventures and J.C. Flowers in November
2020. The new owners provide Ariel Re with significant capital resources and a long track record of
supporting successful, entrepreneurial businesses in the (re)insurance industry.

About the Transformational Living Centre:

The Transformational Living Centre (TLC) for Families is a facility that is driven by a yearning to assist
families that are unfortunately a part of a sector within our community that has been under represented. We have a team of staff that network together along with community partners that give our Guest Families a deserving opportunity to thrive knowing that they have genuine support along with a plethora of tools through the Transformational Supportive Services Program here at the TLC. Through this program our families will be able to gain empowerment and elevation despite their start in life and the unfortunate hand they have been dealt.
We see the process as it begins as soon as our Guest Families arrive at the TLC. We are delighted to
be able to witness minds and circumstances taking a positive shift in an upward motion as their
various needs are being addressed. They are welcomed with open arms of upon arrival without
judgement providing a level of security and acceptance from our trusted members of staff and
community partners that have the common goal and shared passion for all of our Guest Families.
Our evolving blueprint for the TLC is new and unique with the goal of a successful and productive
expansion in the future around Bermuda our beautiful island home.