Rising Star Carolina Medeiros

Ariel Re Assistant Underwriter Carolina Medeiros joined the reinsurance sector in her late 20s and has claimed the ranks to become an assistant property reinsurance underwriter. 

Give us a snapshot of your career to date.

I entered the reinsurance sector 6 years ago as an Underwriting Assistant for Ariel Re Bermuda. With dedication and determination, I climbed the ranks and was promoted to Senior Underwriting Assistant. During this time, I continued my studies towards professional development attaining my AIS, ARe, and recently my CPCU designations. Presently I hold the position of Assistant Underwriter on the Property reinsurance team.

How did you come to choose a career in re/insurance?

I chose to enter the reinsurance sector because I felt there were a lot of career opportunities in the industry for young, hard-working Bermudians. I was drawn to the chance to work in a global industry that constantly challenges and rewards expertise and hard work, as it resonated with my professional aspirations and values.

What makes the re/insurance industry attractive to young professionals?

The reinsurance industry offers you the chance to travel, to network globally and share ideas in an ever-evolving landscape. There are also lots of opportunities in the industry for people with various interests, whether it be financial, analytical, or underwriting, thus there is something for everybody.

What are the opportunities and challenges you’ve faced?

The reinsurance industry has afforded me several opportunities including the opportunity for career advancement and professional development through mentorship programmes and allowing me to build relationships with professionals across the globe. While opportunities for women in the reinsurance industry are expanding, challenges such as gender bias and unequal representation still exist. However, efforts to promote diversity and inclusion are helping to address these issues and create a more equitable environment for women.

Was there someone who inspired you or acted as a mentor in your career?

Sarah Morgan, Veronica King, Reed Gaglio and Joel Willens, property underwriters at Ariel Re, have acted as mentors in my career. The wealth of knowledge they have shared with me, from pricing and rate changes to negotiation skills, has helped me advance in my career and get me where I am today and where I want to go in the future.

What differences does your generation bring to the industry?

Young professionals bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a deep understanding of technology to the reinsurance industry. My generation is very fluent with technology and can help to drive advances in risk analysis and underwriting processes. There is more of a willingness to embrace change.

Is the industry welcoming to younger people?

I feel that the reinsurance industry is increasingly welcoming to the next generation of reinsurance professionals. I have always felt welcome as I took on new roles at Ariel Re as they groom me to one day be a leader in the company. Ariel Re also promotes the mentoring of young professionals, recognising the value they bring in terms of fresh perspectives, technological skills, and innovative thinking.

What are your career goals?

I recently obtaining my CPCU designation and have set my eyes on my next career goal, which is to become an Underwriter. I envision myself as a senior vice president (SVP) here at Ariel Re Bermuda one day. I aim to mentor and guide the next generation of underwriters.

If you had chosen a different career, what would it have been?

I would have been a teacher. I had a desire to make a difference in children’s lives. Due to this desire to make a difference in the lives of Bermudian children, I am co-chair of the Ariel Re’s charity committee, whose mission is to support local charities focusing on the next generation.